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       Following her début album in the form of an aquatic outburst (No One Knows We're Here, released in 2010), Alice Lewis, has now become a colourful night creature and embarked on a new track with Your Dreams Are Mine.

       Mixing electronic epics and melancholic ballads, Your Dreams Are Mine could be the merging of a female Nick Cave and the Updated 2015 Kraftwerk blowing hot and cold on the dance-floor or the listening room.

     Here, Alice Lewis is unfolding her acute sense of pop melody, catchy and romantic, which complements dreamlike lyrics oscillating like a metronome between a zenithal light and abysmal depths.

       Co-produced by the Blue Boy Club (Maxime Delpierre - Limousine, VKNG - and Frédéric Soulard - Poni Hoax, Vitalic), Your Dreams Are Mine demonstrates an uncompromising formal freedom, combining elegance with rough electronic and organic textures ...

One comes out of this journey utterly dazzled and filled with love for Alice Lewis.


Wilfried Paris

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